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Concrete Repair and Concrete Maintenance Services in Glenview, IL

It’s important to hire the best concrete construction company near your home or commercial building in Glenview for repair and maintenance services. At Glenview Concrete Crew, we provide a wide range of concrete repair services that are meant to improve the structure and longevity of your concrete. Concrete can get worn out over time or get damaged due to an accident. That’s where our concrete repair builders come in! Contact us for your concrete repair today.

Concrete Leveling and Repair

At Glenview Concrete Crew, we provide concrete leveling and repair for your sidewalk, driveway, patio, pool deck, floor, steps, floor, and garage slab floor. If your concrete surface is no longer smooth due to accidents or wear or tear, you can contact us to level the surface. Our experts will get rid of trip hazards and make the concrete look as good as new with our concrete construction repair.

To provide you with concrete leveling and repair, we drill small holes in strategic locations on the concrete, inject leveling compound to raise it up, and patch drill holes with non-shrink grout. Now, your concrete is leveled and smooth. 

Concrete Foundation Repair

You can also hire our concrete repair builders for your concrete foundation repair services. Aside from foundation construction for new homes, we can also provide commercial and residential foundation repair services that you can trust, providing a permanent solution to your foundation failure, bowed basement wall, leaning chimney, or sinking foundation.

If your foundation is damaged, it can lead to structural problems within your home. Glenview Concrete Crew will provide a cost-effective solution to repair the concrete foundation and keep your home looking as good as new. 

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

You can also work with our Glenview IL Concrete Contractors for concrete cleaning and sealing. We can clean your concrete to restore its original appearance, especially after wear and damage. Also, sealing your concrete is the best way to protect it from damage and maintain its beauty.

Our concrete maintenance services cover cleaning and sealing your concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck, and other concrete applications. We provide concrete cleaning with pressure washers to remove dirt, mold growth, oil stain, and more. Then for concrete sealing, we apply sealing products to protect it.

Caulking Cracks and Joints

At Glenview Concrete Crew, our concrete construction services involve caulking cracks and joints in your concrete. If you need us to seal up existing cracks in your concrete and prevent new cracks from forming, contact us for concrete caulking. We ensure that your concrete maintains its shape and beauty in the long run. 

Concrete caulking is important because it repairs the damage caused by erosion, weeds and plants, freeze-thaw cycles, and other natural happenings that can crack open a concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, wall, or more. Contact us for your concrete repair today.

Contact The Best Concrete Repair Builders in Glenview

Work with the best concrete repair builders for your residential and commercial concrete applications today! At Glenview Concrete Crew, we provide top-notch concrete repair and maintenance services that erase the damage and make your concrete look as good as new. Damaged or unleveled concrete can pose hazards to you, your loved ones, and even passersby. Contact us for your concrete construction and repair today.